One Piece Who will join as Luffy’s 10th Pirate Crew Member

With Luffy now being an official Emperor Yonko, and a crew filled with high bounties and fantastic abilities, the criteria to fill this vacant 10th slot to be part of this legendary straw hair crew is getting harder by the chapter. Let’s go through the potential list of candidates that can still suit this seat.

“Oni Princess” Yamato

Former Emperor Kaido’s child and self proclaimed “Kozuki Oden”, Yamato had certainly left a deep mark during the Wano Arc. Holder of the Mythical Zoan devil fruit Dog-Dog Fruit, where she can transform into a divine wolf, as well as a human-divine wolf hybrid. THis mythical zoan type allows her to be very proficient in using Ice. 

You can just easily see the positive vibes between the current crew and her when they knew what kind of a person Yamato is, dependable, sincere and with a kind heart. 

Of course, her other valuable ability is that she is also a user of Haoshoku Conqueror Haki, the quality of being a “king”, which had allowed her to fight toe-to-toe with her father “”Strongest Creature” Kaidou of the Beasts, just rank her in as one of the prime candidate of joining Luffy!

Borsalino Kizaru

Hey, if Kuzan can join Emperor Blackbeard, why can’t Kizaru? Especially when Borsalino Kizaru had gone through one of the most toughest heart wrecking periods when he joined Saint Saturn in wiping out old friend super genius scientist Vegapunk during the Egghead Arc.

From seeing first hand the cruelty of the Elders and self-proclaimed “Gods”, Kizaru has shown multiple times when he had to hold back his emotions. 

Being one of the current 3 Admirals of the Marines makes his CV as qualified as it can be. Almost being able to hold off Luffy in Gear 5 form is no mean feat. His Glint-Glint Fruit makes him a “Light” man, while Cross Guild puts a 3 billion berries bounty on his head, equivalent to Luffy, Trafalgar D.Law and Eustass Kid

“Sweet Commander” Charlotte Katakuri

A battle of “bonding” between two honourable fighters that had already taken place during Big Mom’s arc.

Not only equipped with conqueror’s haki, Katakuri also possesses advanced observation Haki, which makes him to be both a fearsome force as well as a dependable ally.

The 2nd strongest fighter in the Charlotte family joining the crew would also be like Shanks getting Marco the phoenix joining him, which can practically blow anyone else out of the pirate king’s competition.

So far Luffy’s crew have not contained any previous “boss” fighters before so it will be a stunning coup and twist of the story should Oda pens it out this way. One possible way is that with the captain Big Mom no longer around, just like the Whitebeard pirates, the crew splits and go their own ways.

“Tyrant” Bartholomew Kuma

Ex-Warlord of the Sea Kuma might well be one of the most significant people in Luffy’s journey to the top, it is not far fetched to say that without Kuma, Luffy and his crew would never have reached this stage. 

A gentle “giant” as a member of the near-extinct special race known as the buccaneers, Kuma is as kind as any member of the Straw Hat crew. With Oda’s way of storytelling, one can practically cry as we look through his eyes through his past. 

Kindness aside, Kuma was selected as a warlord purely due to his fighting ability. His Paw-Paw Fruit ability practically blows everyone away, literally. Not to mention that when used with the inert strength of his buccaneers race, can easily double that impact. 

Oh, did we also mention Kuma is a close friend of Monkey D.Dragon, Luffy’s father, as well as being an Army Commander of the Revolutionary Army? A group determined to bring down the “Gods” and Gods Knights to make the world a better place. 

“Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock

Rather than saying joining as a fellow crew member I would assume Hancock is joining as a “family member such as a wife” hahaha.

Jokes aside, let us not forget that “Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock is actually the 2nd highest bounty female pirate after ex-yonko Big Mom Charlotte Linlin. This makes her one of the strongest pirate around as well.

Highly skilled in kicking techniques, Her love-love fruit ability turns people to stone while she too wields the conquerors haki.

I’m not sure how she lost to Blackbeard, who has not yet shown to have the capability to use conqueror’s haki, then again it’s the 10th member of the straw hat crew we are looking into, not another captain or emperor. 😅

“Big Eater” Jewelry Bonney

Member of the “Worst Generation” and adopted daughter of the infamous ex-warlord Kuma. Her Age-Age Fruit ability allows her to manipulate other’s age at will, while also able to seemingly manifest into various sizes such as a giant during combats. Only twelve years old, she is a capable fighter with room to grow. 

Her father Kuma is also good pals with Luffy’s dad, the legendary commander of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon. With a sad past that intertwined so deeply with Luffy, it won’t be a surprise that Bonney may be the 10th member of the Straw Hats pirates.

By Ace