One Piece Chapter 1112 – Franky and Bonney are both stronger than Marine Vice Admirals, Just how strong are the Five Elders

Finally after a 3 weeks break One Piece is back! Just what new evolution in the latest Egghead Arc has been developed? Let us take a look here!

Franky and Bonney are both stronger than Marine Vice Admirals – Franky was able to 1 punch KO Vice Admiral Red King whereas Bonney took out Vice Admiral Pomsky by brilliantly using her Devil Fruit. So far out of 9 Vice Admirals, 3 are currently down. 

St. Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro is strong, very very strong – where he single handedly took on all Mark III Pacifasta (mind you these advance versions of Pacifasta can destroy a country) and at the end of the chapter, managed to reach Franky & Bonney’s group at the other side of Egghead island.

All Elders have their own strengths – St. Topman Warcury is rock solid, but unlikely to be the same for the other 4 as each seems to have a unique ability of their own (beside seemingly undying body). St. Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro for speed, St. Jaygarcia Saturn for poison and St. Marcus Mars for flight. 

By Ace

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