Strongest Members of the One Piece World Government Ranked

In the world of One Piece, the World Government rules over it all. So dominant in its power that it controls various powerful fictions on its own, from the justice-seeking Marines to the now defunct pirates turned Warlords of the Sea, to the intelligence agency Cipher Pol, the science driven Special Science Group (SSG) as well as the mysterious God’s Knight, each of them falls under the gigantic umbrella of the World Government. Needless to say, there are many powerful characters within each of them. Let us rank the best of them all.

#8 – Sakazuki (Fleet-Admiral of the Marines)

As what Kaido the beast has mentioned before, all Devil Fruits bow before the almighty conquering strength of the Haki.

While losing to Whitebeard is understandable but letting Kuma escape from the Holy Land Mary Geoise doesn’t give one much confidence in his capability. While his devil fruit ability is definitely unquestionable, until he has shown more, we can only rate him as he is currently.

#7 – Sengoku (Inspector General of the Marines)

This ex-fleet admiral “Sengoku the Buddha” is also one with the all-ruling conquerors Haki. Just that alone places him a spot in the list. He is also one of the two Marines singled out by Pirate King D.Rogers as someone that is worth his time to spar with. 

While he has shown his ability during the Summit war where he had used his devil fruit, Human-Human Fruit – Buddha Model’s ability to pin down the Blackbeard pirates, much has not yet been demonstrated of his strength against other top tier pirates. Only other notable event was when he partnered with Garp to capture Shiki the Golden Lion at Marine Fort, which is hard to pinpoint who actually “fought more” in that battle.

#6 – Kong (World Government Commander-in-Chief)

So far this mysterious ex-fleet admiral of the Marines has not had much screen time. Being second to only the 5 Elders and having authority over the entire World government organisation means you can’t be half bad.

#5 – Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk

Now, let’s just imagine the warlord of the Seas as still part of the World Government’s wing, boy is this a force to be reckoned with. If we were to take them as a crew of pirates, from Blackbeard to Boa Hancock, their combined bounty would have blown most crew away and easily stand head to head with any Emperor’s crew.

At the top of the Shichibukai stands Dracule Mihawk, the world’s very best swordsman. This is the man who is said to rival that of Emperor Red hair Shanks (whom 1 hit KO-ed a 3 billion bounty Pirate Captain Kid).

His current bounty of 3.59 billion berries is a testament to his status as one of the strongest characters in the world of One Piece.  

#4 – Saint Figarland Garling (Supreme Commander of God’s Knights)

A noble of the Figarland family, no way will a Saint be under the leadership of “humans”, this supreme commander will be as tough as it gets. He is like the Captain Commander and 1st Division Captain Yamamoto of Bleach manga, oldest amongst the group, elderly look, but also its strongest Shinigami still.

While details of the God valley incident remain murky, he is highly speculated to be the one who gave Ex-yonko Whitebeard his “memorable” scar, as well as was eventually declared a “champion” of God Valley. Even when both Rogers and Rocks’ pirate crew, who were both at their prime during that time, arrived at God Valley, Figarland Garling was still undisturbed by the situation. Did we also mention even Luffy’s dad Dragon, Leader of the Revolutionary Army, is too very cautious about this God’s Knight group.

#3 – Monkey D.Garp (Instructor of the Marines)

Yes I know that Sengoku has managed to pin “Hero of the Marine” Garp down during the Summit War when he was so enraged with Sakazuki for killing Ace, but I do believe that Garp was also not using his full strength as he wanted to. His “lower” Vice Admiral rank was also due to the fact that he has declined promotion multiple times over his illustrious Marine career, as he did not want to be under direct orders of the Celestial Dragons.

The only 2 that Pirate King Roger has ever mentioned to be a worthy opponent from the Marines, “Garp the Fist” has at least shown he can single handedly take on a few Blackbeard captains at the same time. Mind you, this is past prime Garp we are referring to. Yet it needed to take a distraction in saving Koby to get him injured, while his past prime strength allowed him to level buildings with his Galaxy Impact attack.

His feat on display is something that Oda has not yet shown with Kong and “Sengoku the Buddha”, and with that point alone, I have to rank Garp as one of the strongest (if not the strongest) Marine of them all.

#2 – 5 Elders Gorosei 

Finally we get to see the 5 Elders Gorosei in their awakened Devil fruit form, and it is a sight to behold and no wonder they are called the 5 Elder Planets instead due to their massive size.

The Warrior God of Justice, Saint Topman Warcury, can turn himself into the Houki, a Yokai that resembles a giant boar with four gigantic tusks. Saint Shepherd Ju Peter, the Warrior God of Agriculture, could turn himself into an enormous Sandworm monster with a large mouth.

Saint Marcus Mars, the Warrior God of Environment, can transform into a gigantic bird-like creature, while the Warrior God of Science and Defense Saint Jaygarcia Saturn’s Yokai is the Gyuki, also known as Ushi-oni, a creature with horns on his head and spider legs as his lower limbs.

Not only that, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro’s hybrid Bakotsu form (skeletal horse) could easily take down multiple Mark III Pacifista.

Coupled with their seemingly undead regenerative ability just make them easily the most elite amongst the world government organisation.

#1 – Imu (“Ruler of the World”?)

Well well well, what can you say about Imu. For starters, anyone who can get the 5 Elders to submit can’t be weak. Second, we got to see a glimpse of his/hers shadowy form when Sabo infiltrated Mary Geoise, and it’s huge. We can guess that it may be an awakened form of sorts and definitely at a higher level than the Gorosei.

Many speculation is that Imu is still childlike in size and character (shown by using a knife to cut the bounty pages) while being granted immortality using the Ope Ope no Mi Devil fruit.

Regardless of size or age, Imu’s is readily positioned to be the greatest antagonist of Luffy’s path to be the next Pirate King!

By Ace