One Piece Chapter 1113 – Infinite Potential of Jewelry Bonney and the legendary teamwork of the Straw Hat Pirates

With Japan’s golden week coming up, there will likely be another One Piece manga break next week. Let us enjoy whatever we can from this crucial 1113 chapter as the whole Straw Hat Pirates crew starts to take on the elites of the World Government, the Five Elders. 

Infinite Potential of Jewelry Bonney

Ahh….the power and infinite potential of youth, holds true for “Big Eater” Jewelry Bonney, whom as a 12 year old is part of the infamous Worst Generation group of pirates. Her Age-Age Fruit ability not only allows her to freely alter the age of herself or others, it only seemingly allows her to adjust and change her appearance and size into a giant with unbelievable strength. Is there more to what it is if she could awaken her ability? With her determination and tough past, contributing to her unbelievable toughness, I won’t be surprised and I am sure there are many others who will be rooting for her like I do. 

Team work at its best, Straw Hat Crew in action

There is no crew yet that we know to have demonstrated the love and synergy between its ship members like the Straw Hat crew. One glance is all it takes to understand, one word from any member of the crew is akin to the same importance as their captain that other members will willingly follow without doubt, especially when it comes to protecting their own mate. In a flash we can see the entire “weakling Trio” of Chopper, Nami and Usopp as well as Brook taking up arms to protect a distraught Robin just with a word from Nami. No doubt, no hesitation, anything for your beloved crewmate. 

By Ace