Review of One Piece Chapter 1109 – Who are Gorosei Saint Saturn trying to summon?

The story arc of Egghead of One Piece is about to reach another climate as Dr Vegapunk’s video setup of his seemingly death is about to be triggered, and like what he mentioned, it is going to shock the world with the “Truth”.

In the final page of chapter 1109, we see Gorosei Saint Saturn trying to summon someone / something just like the way he appeared. Here are the few possible groups of candidates that could be summoned:

Other Marines

At this juncture, the only ones “qualified” to enter into such a “Yonko” type of battle would be the Marine Admirals, and there are only 3, of which Kizaru is involved and seems to be giving many mixed signals about his feelings.

Can Akainu afford to have another Admiral away from the headquarters and Mary Geoise, after activating 100 ships including 20 battleships, 30,000 soldiers, 9 Vice Admirals and 1 Admiral? 

We doubt so. 

Cipher Pol 0 (CP0)

Now this is an interesting choice, the strongest intelligence agency among Cipher Pol, working directly under the World Nobles. We had previously seen in the previous chapter that the ex-CP9 gang such as Kalifa and Jabra had been promoted to CP0.

While they are good enough, maybe to stall Luffy and his emperor crew, is it really enough to turn the tides? Based on what we have seen from Zoro’s fight against Rob Lucci. Able to stall, but the current situation is time sensitive and demands much greater firepower to tide through. 

For this reason alone we have to pass on the idea that Saint Saturn is summoning the CP0 agents.

Other new characters

Based on Oda’s style, from Warlords to Baroque Works to God’s Knights, a new group or organization is always lightly mentioned before a build up to its’ characters and members. Thus we think it is less likely any new characters will appear.

Other Gorosei

This is a very common speculation, 4 remaining Elders left at Mary Geoise fit the seemingly 4 summons on the final page of the chapter (although there may be others not seen). This will be an unbelievable setup, Saint Mars + Saint Warcury + Saint Nusjuro + Saint Peter, all 5 of the “Highest Authorities of the World Government” would have gathered. Just one Saint Saturn himself, who seemingly cannot be defeated, is already posing a problem to Luffy, so it is almost an unimaginable battle if all five are gathered.

Our take, likely not, or at least not all of them, or maybe 1 to 2 of the Elders. First, no one will then be around to protect their shadow ruler and god Imu, especially after Sabo’s infiltration, showing that Mary Geoise is not as impregnable as they think. Secondly, this showhand seems a tad too early although we are in the final saga. That being said, this is legendary writer Eiichiro Oda after all.

God’s Knights

The order of Knights which outranks the Marines is our preferred view on the next battle candidates who will be arriving at the scene. The situation is critical enough and yet this is a mysterious group that even Revolutionary Supreme Commander Monkey D. Dragon is mindful and concerned of. 

They are led by Saint Figarland Garling, the person rumored to be the one who gave Ex-Yonko White Beard his scar. Plus the fact that the summoning seems like a prestigious effect that we have only seen performed on a Celestial Dragon caliber level of personnel, points even more to the God’s Knight possibility.

To conclude…..

We feel that it will likely be a combination of one of the Five Elders plus a few God’s Knights which will be summoned in. And amongst the various Elders, Saint Topman Warcury, the Warrior God of Justice, seems the most possible, as the word “Justice” seems a good fit to the current theme of “Absolute Justice”, “Buster Call” and stuff. What a climatic end to this fantastic Arc! 

By Ace