Who else will join the Cross Guild? What if…Buggy completes his Cross Guild with fellow ex-Warlords and ex-Emperor Crews?

The formation of Cross Guild has totally turned things around for pirates vs Marines. Now, it is the Marines who need to watch their backs. It is a brilliant piece of plot changer by One Piece legendary creator Oda. While currently consisting of top tier pirates like Dracule Mihawk and Crocodile, it still seems abit light weight vs the rest of the Yonko’s crew. So, will there be any more new comers of vintage pirates who we can think of? Why not?! Let this “What if” piece give a prediction who may eventually be a member of the New World’s Cross Guild!

Current Chairman and Emperor – Buggy The Clown (May be taking on…..Luffy!)  

Will Buggy AWAKEN his devil fruit? HAHAHA…..Never say never. TBH I always thought Luffy’s ability was abit too…not fierce and frightening enough, but oh boy….no one could have ever thought Luffy is now Nika the Sun God. So…..never say never….

On a serious note, Buggy was the FIRST opponent of Luffy’s great journey. Like what he said, through sheer luck, Buggy is now on equal footing with Shanks and Blackbeard, without ever fighting! So…will sheer luck bring Buggy nearer to the Pirate King’s crown? Don’t be surprise his Chop-chop fruit is also a “Luck-luck” fruit in disguise.

“Desert King” Sir Crocodile  (May be taking on…..Luffy!)  

Revenge of the sand i would say. “Mr 0” was actually the one who brought the mysterious Warlords into the world, and through Luffy’s laborious multiple battles with him, made me salute Luffy even more. 

Crocodile was the first enemy to completely defeat Luffy and had the leadership to boot. His Baroque Works was a mysterious crime syndicate, showing that Crocodile isn’t just your average pirate. 

Dracule Mihawk (May be taking on…..Zoro)

Not sure if anyone would have thought of it any other way. Teacher vs pupil. They have gone a long long way towards this epic final of the master swordsman match. Zoro has in his own way carved out his path, obtaining the Great Grade Meito Enma, defeating the 2nd in command King of the Beast Pirates, all towards working his way to beat his teacher. 

As the strongest swordsman and supposedly an even better one than Red-Hair emperor Shanks, this 3.59 billion berries bounty ex-warlord ranks amongst the top characters in the One Piece world. Before becoming a Warlord Shichibukai, Mihawk was also known as a Marine Hunter, which ties in greatly with this Cross Guild and Zoro’s bounty hunter reputation.

Gecko Moria (May be taking on…..Usopp!)

After rampage on Blackbeard’s island Hachinosu, Moria was imprisoned along with other prisoners. With Marine Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp creating havoc in order to save Koby, there is always a chance this is the best time for Gecko Moria to escape. We have to understand that during the Post-War Arc, Moria was attacked by Doflamingo and a group of Pacifista in the backstreets of Marineford, and yet managed to escape. 

After escaping Blackbeard, there is a good chance he may have heard of Buggy’s infamous Cross Guild and would seek refuge under the umbrella of an emperor. Now, this ability of his would be a great match with…..Usopp!

Fighting in the shadows of Moria’s Shadow-Shadow fruit would require having decent Observation Haki, and I’m sure Usopp would beg to differ, but he is starting to become an “important” fighting force within the Straw Hat crew. 

Donquixote Doflamingo (May be taking on…..Sanji!)

A former World Noble who was arrested after being defeated by Luffy, Doflamingo is currently being locked up at Impel Down’s famous level 6, where the most fearsome pirates are being held. Don’t be misled by his low bounty of 340 million berries which was frozen when he joined as a Warlord many many years ago, Doflamingo packs a punch. Not to mention that he is also capable of using Conqueror’s Haki, the ability that only 1 in a million can use.

Now, taking on Sanji will be an interesting fight, as Sanji now is on a whole new level of..enhanced physical capability since the Wano war arc where he had unlocked his body modification. The only thing left for him to unleash any potential Conqueror’s Haki, that will make him the undisputed Wing of the Pirate King. 

Edward Weevil (May be taking on…..Jinbei!)

Although childlike, do not underestimate this self proclaimed “Whitebeard Junior”. It took Marine Admiral Ryokugyu to take him down. Just by himself Weevil managed to defeat 16 crews of Whitebeard’s previous allies. 

Jinbei, on the other hand, is an old time friend with the legendary Whitebeard himself. He must have known of some matters and felt that he should personally bring down the “fake” Whitebeard and preserve the legacy of the great ex-emperor Edward Newgate.

Charlotte Katakuri (May be taking on…..Luffy!)  

Round two….fight!! Both were real men in battle, unwilling to win unfairly and treated each other with utmost respect. They could have been brothers if not for the situation. The second son and third child of the Charlotte Family, Katakuri ‘s bounty matches his status as the 2nd best fighter in Big Mom’s pirate crew. Skill in advance observation Haki, Katakuri is able to even use the Haoshoku Haki, signifying his status as the best of the best in the pirate world.

For Luffy it will just be like old times, likely a fight to rekindle the old times where they both had an epic battle. This time round Luffy returns as a true emperor, with awakened Devil Fruit powers and mastery of Haki, it will take more than just Katakuri to take on alone.

Charlotte Smoothie (May be taking on …..Robin + Nami!!) 

The battle of the ladies, both Robin and Nami are kind hearted people with a disdain for villains like Smoothie. While Robin’s bounty consists of the “premium” of her knowledge and past, Smoothie is based on her pure reputation as a pirate commander of her mom’s Big Mom pirate crew. 

We haven’t really seen Smoothie fight 1-on-1 before, and this clash will be a good conclusion for her. Her Wring-Wring fruit ability seems pretty dangerous to whoever she touches, and her ability to turn really huge makes her able to rival any giant.

“Biscuit Knight” Charlotte Cracker (May be taking on …..”Cyborg” Franky!!)

Hard man vs hard man, Franky is becoming a very dependable fighter within the senior officers of the straw hat crew. His invention is something to be respected as well, with Genius Vegapunk’s science that allow Franky to come out with his Franky Radical Beam, whom he used to devastating effect to defeat Sasaki of the Beast pirate.

Charlotte Cracker, on the other hand, has nothing to be ashamed of for losing to Kuzan, ex-marine admiral and current tenth Fleet captain of the Blackbeard pirates. You need to be at Monkey D-Garp’s level to easily best Kuzan, and there aren’t many Garps around. Cracker’s Bis-bis fruit allows him to form multiple armours for him, which makes it a perfect match for… General Franky!

King + Queen + Jack (May be taking on …..Yamato? If she joins Luffy’s crew)

“Ex-prince” vs top commanders, this will be an interesting fight. Everyone notices that a captain’s bounty is easily the next 2-4 commanders combined. Imagine Kaido’s bounty (4.611 billion) vs King + Queen +Jack (3.71 bil) or Big Mom (4.388 bil) vs Sweet Commanders (3.449 billion). So does it mean that Yamato’s bounty can eventually be just as high as her father Kaido, or at least the same or higher than her dad’s crew commanders?

Yamato is at least a true blue conqueror Haki user. Strong enough to take on an Admiral in my view (see how she bash up Admiral Ryokugyu). Can she be strong enough by the time she leaves Wano to (potentially) join the Straw Hat crew?

Others (May be taking on …..Brook + Chopper)

Well, in Cross Guild there are still a lot of non-executive members like “Mr 1” Daz Bonez, Alvida, “Mr 3” Galdlno and gang. So…leave it to Brook & Chopper! Brook isn’t a bad fighter honestly, he was brave enough to take on Big Mom alone and so far in his battles (although not with the very top executives of other pirate crew), he easily came out best. 

While Chopper is just a reluctant combatant, he is goooood, whenever he fights for a greater clause. My suspect is that he will struggle against not very villain villain like Richie and Galdlno.

So..its Brook and Chopper vs the rest! 

By Ace