One Piece God Valley incident – The Potential Showdown of Marines vs Pirates vs God’s Knights

38 years ago the God Valley incident in the West Blue sea rocked and changed the history of the One Piece world forever. A World Nobles hunting competition held at the island known as God Valley. Gathered there were some of the most powerful and dangerous pirates, Marines and Nobles. A place where future important characters such as Emporio Ivankov and Bartholomew Kuma started off as slaves. How will the showdown be? Although creator Oda is still taking his time to release the full story, let us make some good guesses here on how the various battles can be.

Rocks D. Xebec vs Pirate King Gol D.Roger 

Captain vs captain, world’s best vs world’s best. They stand absolute during the great pirate era. Each lead a legendary crew with legendary vice captains strong enough to easily overpower this era’s top ranking marine or infamous pirate even at their old age. 

Roger was the first and only person to conquer the Grand Line and reach Laugh Tale, the final island with the legendary treasure called One Piece. While Rocks D. Xebec, often considered the “lost legend” of One Piece, is a shrouded figure in the series’ history. Despite limited appearances and information, he casts a long shadow over the world, influencing major events and leaving a chilling legacy

This will be a war of the conqueror’s haki. 

Whitebeard Edward Newgate vs Saint Figarland Garling

Judging by the disrespect Whitebeard is to his “Captain” Rocks, you have to wonder if he is the true “leader” of the infamous Rocks Pirate. The second highest bounty pirate in the world of One Piece Yonko Emperor couldn’t be too shabby. Even just before passing away during the Marineford war, he was able to take down current fleet admiral Sakazuki with his mighty Tremor-Tremor Fruit at his elderly age. 

Whitebeard once mentioned to Shanks that his face reminded him of someone giving him that scar. Many clues point to Figarland Garling, the Supreme Commander of the God’s Knights and a World Noble of the Fagarland Family. God’s Knights is formed to act as law enforcers of the Holy Land Mary Geoise, easily sits above the Marines in terms of rank. 

Extremely skilled with the way of the sword, we can’t wait to see if this comes true for One Piece fans!

Shiki the Golden Lion vs Dark King Silvers Rayleigh

Shiki, also known as Shiki the Golden Lion, is a fearsome and enigmatic character in the One Piece universe. He was introduced in the manga and anime film “One Piece: Strong World” and has since become a significant part of the series’ lore. He possesses a Devil Fruit ability called the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, which allows him to levitate objects and even islands at will. This unique power makes him a formidable opponent and a force to be reckoned with.

Silver Rayleigh, also known as Dark King Rayleigh, acts as a mentor to Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece, and provides valuable guidance and training to help him become a stronger pirate. He was the first mate of the Roger Pirates, the crew led by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Rayleigh is introduced in the Sabaody Archipelago arc, where he aids the Straw Hat Pirates in their journey.

Single handedly scaring off Emperor Blackbeard at Amazon Island even at his current age and easily took on Marco the Phoenix at his prime, Dark King Silver Rayleigh is one of the most powerful characters to grace the One Piece scene. It would be an amazing scene to see the 2 master swordsmen take on each other. 

Kaido & Big Mom Charlotte Linlin vs Monkey D.Garp

The battle that granted Garp immortality into the folklore of Marines with the title of “Hero of the Marines”. Even at his current age he could single handedly take on half of Blackbeard’s crew consisting of ex-pupil cum marine admiral Kuzan plus other notorious Titanic Captains before getting injured due to protecting Koby.

Coined by a 542 million berries bounty Chinjao (who was 1 punched KO-ed by Garp) as a “demon” to pirates, you can imagine just the depth of his prowess during his younger days. Can you imagine he could take out say Fire Fist Ace with a single punch? (since Ace and Chinjao share similar bounties).

While both Kaido & Big Mom were future Yonko Emperor material, and that Big Mom with her Soul-Soul Fruit is no push over, they are unfortunately facing a prime Garp, whose fist knows no bound. 

Silver Axe vs Scopper Gaban

 Anchored by his signature double axes, Scopper Gaban looks like a good fit to take on Silver Axe. Always by the side of his famous captain, Gaban is like the Sanji (part of the Straw Hat’s monster trio) of the crew. He didn’t hesitate to step forward when they first met Kozuki Oden, one of the strongest from Wano. 

Captain John vs Marine Bogard 

So far we haven’t seen anything much of Bogard, right hand man of the legendary Marine Garp, but safe to say there is no weak soldier in a strong team. Like Bogard, Captain John should not be any pushover judging by how calm and casual his personality seems to be. Both carry swords and thus this will likely be another top class steel vs steel duel. 

Buckingham Stussy vs Saint Jaygarcia Saturn

Warrior God of Science and Defense, Saturn’s title says it all and he stands as one of the World Government’s five highest authorities. I’m suspecting that it is Saint Saturn who offered the cloning technology to Buckingham Stussy. 

One on one wise not many can take on the five highest authorities, who withstood Sabo’s Fire Fist attack easily. 

Ochoku (Wang Zhi) vs Sengoku 

I find it weird that a place where so many celestial dragons gather has not even had a single high ranking Marine protecting them. My guess would be that Sengoku was there as well. 

Ochoku was mentioned by Sengoku as a rival in abilities to Shiki and Captain John. He should be of the same rank as Garp, a vice admiral. 

While Ochoku was strong enough to be the ruler of Hachinosu after the incident, it takes the combination of Emperor Blackbeard and Koby the new Marine “Hero” to be brought down. 

Ochoku (Wang Zhi) will likely have a certain Chinese legend’s type of power, like Sengoku’s Human-Human Fruit Buddha Model. 

This fight will be earth shaking.

Gloriosa vs Marine Vice Admiral Tsuru

A former Empress of the Kuja, Gloriosa has shown to be someone with strong willpower, grace and speed, gauged by how she could withstand Boa Hancock’s charms and landing unhurt when being hauled off a building. While her devil fruit and powers are not yet known, it will be easy to assume she is no weak pirate.

On the other side of the fence would be Marine Vice Admiral Tsuru, who is a major character alongside Rogers and Garp during that era. With her Wash-wash fruit ability she remains a very underrated Marine character. 

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